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Chamomile - Chaminilla recutita L. (Rauschert)

Chamomile is an introduced species. In Chile, it was first cited by Philippi in 1881 in the "Catalog of Plants Cultivated in the Santiago Botanical Garden", published in the annals of the University of Chile, Vol 59.

Research studies conducted by Puelche S.A. in 1980 identified rustic cultivations close to the Traiguen town, in the Ninth Region.

ur company has grown this species for 30 years, selecting the best clones in earliness, aroma and taste. Today we supply this product to the pharmaceutical and tea industry markets as Spring Chamomile in its different forms.

Properties: Soothing of the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and disinfectant, stomach tonic.