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We add value to nature...

Since always, the privileged valleys of the Andes foothills in Chile’s Central-Southern zone have secretly hidden the most precious aromatic and medicinal herbs.

During the 70’s, Eduardo Weldt, a young and visionary biologist, understood that these products could find a distinct place in the world. And in 1974 his dreams came true when he succeeded in exporting 50 tons of dehydrated processed Rose Hip to Germany. Thus, the first Chilean industrial-scale export of natural medicinal plant products became a reality.

Nowadays Puelche, which in Mapuche native language means "Warm wind from the mountains", is engaged in the cultivation, harvesting, production, and marketing of several natural products for export to international markets in Europe, America, and Asia.

Today, members of the second generation of the Weldt family have joined in managing the Company, and are now members of a solid team of skilled professionals, fully qualified to face new challenges.

Grupo Puelche is a large Chilean family business that brings together a unique environment, professional commitment and high technology into its products, with the sole objective of "adding value to nature" and delivering the best of the Chilean countryside to the world.