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We add value to nature...

The Puelche companies are committed to perform under quality standards representing the business policies of respect and accountability for the environment and for the individuals therein, in addition to maintaining and improving the company’s position and permanence in both national and international markets.

Good Agricultural Practices in the premises, ISO for management, HACCP for processing, organic certifications plus other specific certifications required by the markets, are some of the international standards that rule our companies’ business, and which help insure production of standardized agricultural and industrial products of superior quality and permanence over time.

In addition, our products are subject to rigorous external inspection, in order to certify their quality and properties under the standards negotiated with and committed to our customers.

Lastly, these products also supply the retail industry, in the case of fresh fruit, and the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in the case of our dehydrated products.

"New properties and uses for natural products are continually being discovered, thus rendering them an endless source of wellbeing for mankind".